Limited Quiz Attempts Confusion


I followed this tutorial to limit my quiz to 3 attempts. Here's my Results Slide (with States shown) and its Trigger Panel, with steps I followed in the tutorial numbered:

The problem? I keep getting this when the user fails 2x but passes the 3rd:

That red bit there is my Review Content button's Disabled state (step 4 in the tutorial). I don't want the user to see that red bit if they passed; I only want them to see if they've exhausted the number of attempts and failed.

I *think* the problem is the Disable state is triggering because my Attempts variable =3. I mean, that is what I told it to do! And I think that's triggering on the Success layer (they did pass after all), when they should only see that on the Fail layer after 3 attempts have been exhausted.

The odd thing is is that my colleague is working on a course with the same behavior, and I mimicked her Results Panel Trigger panel exactly (kind of... more on this below), but she doesn't have this problem! Here are our Results Slide trigger panels together for comparison:

The big difference I see is the Player Triggers vs the Slide Triggers. You'll note my Results Slide on the left doesn't have Player Triggers at all. I *think* that's the problem.

What's weird is that when I put a Results Slide into my module (a fresh, new one), my Player Triggers only have Next Slide and Previous Slide triggers, not Success layer and Failure layer triggers (like my colleague's has). Success and Failure triggers, as you can see in my Results Slide on the left, are in the Slide Triggers.

While playing around with removing or keeping the Prev and Next buttons, gave me the Player Triggers option, the Success Layer and Failure Layer options weren't there; they were still under Slide Triggers. Ideally, I don't want the Prev and Next buttons to be on the slide. My colleague doesn't have Prev or Next buttons on her Results Slide, and her course is fine. 

Again, that's the only difference I see. Any help would be great! I've spent way too much time with this, and this seems to be a pretty basic functionality.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Heather

where is the Retry quiz button?

Sorry you are using the Review content for that. I think you have conflicting triggers - one on the review content to 'add 1 to the attempts' and one on the fail layer to subtract 1 from the attempts...still testing...please hold :-)

Heather Vogt

There are two different variables:

  • 1 called Attempts with a default value of 0, which +1 and helps meet my 3 attempts threshold. It's only triggered using the Review Content button. I think...
  • and another called AttemptsLeft with a default value of 3, which -1 every time the Failure Layer timeline starts. AttemptsLeft is only for the learner and is only referenced on the Failure layer. 
  • AttemptsLeft shouldn't conflict with Attempts; I nabbed that bugger right off my colleague's project, and hers works swimmingly! But who knows? :) 

Again, I appreciate your sage advice and attention.

Heather Vogt

MFW Wendy figured out something in 15 mins that I wasn't able to figure out all day:

You know, when I typed: "I only want them to see the Disabled state if they're on the 3rd attempt AND they've failed." Something triggered in my brain like, "Heather, this is important..."

But, again, my colleague's project doesn't have an additional AND condition on the Change State trigger and Show Success Layer trigger. The tutorial didn't go into that either.

So, Wendy, did I misinterpret the tutorial or did I add complexity the tutorial didn't call for? The only difference between my project and the tutorial is the AttemptsLeft variable. Wouldn't you need to take into account the additional AND condition for the Change State and the Show Success Layer trigger in the tutorial? That seems to be a critical piece of the puzzle too. Or am I misunderstanding? 

Thanks again for your help!  

Wendy Farmer

Hi Heather

I can't speak to the tutorial you've quoted but there are always many ways to accomplish things in SL. As I said in post above you may not have needed the two variables Attempts and AttemptsLeft. They were in effect doing the same thing in an opposite was +1 and the other was -1 so they were achieving the same end.

Your initial trigger

Change state of Review to Disabled when attemptsLeft = 0 was doing exactly what you asked.

The fact that I had failed on attempts 1 and 2 and passed on attempt 3 - my attemptsLeft was = 0 but I had we had to attach the extra condition to the trigger if ScorePoints > Pass Points.

Hope that helps :-)

Heather Vogt
Wendy Farmer

I left the Attempts variable triggers alone and just concentrated on the AttemptsLeft.

So am I making sense of the Trigger Wizard action with this logic?

Change the state of the ReviewContent button to Disabled when the Results Slide Timeline starts IF the AttemptsLeft is equal to 0.00, AND the learner's results points are < the quiz's pass points

The learner would only see the Disabled state if they exhausted the the number of Attempts (AttemptsLeft==Equal to 0.00) AND they failed (Results.ScorePoints is Less than Results.PassPoints).

That makes sense to me, and, since the AttemptsLeft info is something my org will be keeping around, I'll just keep repeating this setup for future limitations of quiz attempts.