Linking slides of different screens using T/F variables

Jun 01, 2017


I am developing a game based scenario in SL2 where I have a three levels on the first screen. The learner has to complete all the three levels in order and answer all the questions to win badges. 

This course has four scenes, three for each level and one for the introduction slide. The challenge that I am facing is, I am able to link the question slide of any scene to the introduction slide but I cannot unlock the next level nor add a badge on the first one. 

I am comfortable using the T/F variable, hence, any help in this will be appreciated. 


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michelle eames

Do you have these badges or links to next levels as a disabled state on the intro slide?

I sometimes have a t/F variable on the last slide of a section I would call something along the lines of  'Visited SL Level 1' that is set to adjust  to true when the time line starts

On the intro slide I would set a variable to change the state of the badge to Normal, when the the time line starts and set  a condition if 'Visited SL Level 1' is equal to true.

I would do the same with the link to the next level.

Oh and sometimes the order of the triggers make a difference to this working!

I hope that makes sense.





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