Lkert Survey - Change State on Result text not resetting when play again

Hi Everyone

I have built a likert survey (10 qu - 5 choices), tied to a single variable "Quiz" which adds varying numerical values based on the selection (ie Stongly Disagree +0.2, Disagree +0.4, Neutral +0.6, etc).

On the next slide a have a 'Results' slide, which includes:

-a text reference box to display the Quiz variable score;

-four result boxes, one for each of the result categories.  These each have a normal and a 'Your Score' state.  'Your Score' shows on the box related to the score from the Variable.  

- a single text box, with varying text states related to the four different categories.  

All this works very well. 

On the previous button I have added the condition to reset Quiz variable to = 0, if people go back to redo to survey.   On both slides I have set the slide Resume State to Initial State.

When learn replays the survey for a second time (by click previous to go back), the Quiz result number is correct, however, this doesn't retrigger the change states on either the 4 shapes, or the text response.  

FYI - For each of these elements the Change state trigger is set for 'on entry of the specific element'.  I set these triggers to this, because when set to 'on start of timeline' the elements appeared when in their changed state at 0 sec mark.  

Sorry I know this is a lot, but does anyone know why the change state triggers aren't working when redo survey via the previous button. 

Story file attached. 

Thank you.  Christine


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Christine,

Good news: I believe I fixed the issue you're having! I added a cue point at the point on the timeline when your shapes appear and I updated the triggers to change the states when the timeline reaches that cue point. On my end it seems like everything is working as expected now. I'm attaching my file. Let me know if it works for you!