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Nov 01, 2020


I'm an eLearning team of one for an association that's never had an elearning manager. I manage both our LMS systems. I am expected to create course shells for courses that I've not designed or developed. There are multiple scenarios that could occur and I asked that after I create the shell as requested if the program manager (person requesting it) could do a QC check to ensure that they've included everything in the request and that the content appears as it should and everthing is functioning as they expected. I received pushback that I should do this alone.

I'm certainly checking my work and ensuring I followed the requests and the system is functioning, but I think a QC on the part of the requestor is a good best practice.  Is there anyone willing to weigh in on this or who have any research to support this or dispute my process?

Thank you!




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Chris Dale

Hi Kandice, I’m totally with you. I’m in similar situation, although I do have a community of practice that will often run through new modules to test. However, I always make sure that the requester for the learning is aware that they will be required to provide a small group of people (2 or 3) in order for testing. Running through the functionality and content as you say. You can’t be expected to do this on your own as you will have spent probably a great deal of time looking at this content and will need a fresh set of eyes to help spot any little grammatical/spelling errors. Having 2 or 3 testers also allows me to make sure that the module is worked through on all the major browsers as this can sometimes change how things look and act. If you had to do all this it would add a lot of development time on to your project. Chris Sent from Mail for Windows 10 

Kalena Hornkohl

Hello fellow team of one! I follow pretty much the same steps. I receive all content from the SMEs, then put it all together in a course. While I do run through the courses to make sure they function as I expect them to, I do put it onto the requesting team to also test and make sure everything has been done correctly. They usually will have 2-3 people look over the course after me, and different people will catch different things (sometimes nothing to do with my course design, and everything to do with content tweaks), so it is extremely helpful. We use Articulates review option, and it works well for everyone.

If they do insist on not providing support, there was a thread a bit ago with some great resources for QA checklists: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/building-better-courses/elearning-testing-checklist, but I really do hope they offer you this support. Seems like the smart move - you can't be expected to catch everything. Even professional novelists have editors :)

Cristina Graham

Thank you, Chris for sharing this with me. It's nice to get this validation. I was on the other side of things as a senior education manager and I always worked closely with the LMS administrator to QC my courses. Again, I think it's the lack of understanding about this role. 

Thank you for your feedback!

Cristina Graham

Thank you so much, Kalena. I really appreciate your support and validation. I am going to stand my ground on this one. I'm creating the checklist for a simple LMS course shell and then a bigger checklist for creating an actual eLearning course. 

I wanted to look at that checklist, but the link just directed me to the the articulate community page. I'm digging around though and I'm sure I'll be able to compile something to help me work with my team.

Thank you again!


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