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May 08, 2012

Good afternoon e-Heroes!

I work at a credit union and we are currently using Cornerstone as our LMS, but we are looking at possibly moving away from that software. We have been introduced to Travitor and I was wondering if any of you are currently working with it. If so would you recommend it? Do you believe Cornerstone is a good LMS? Is there any other LMS that you would recommend for us to consider. Thank you for your time!

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Marissa Carterud

I work for a hospital as an e-Learning developer and we use HealthStream as our LMS, but a while back, we did look into others.

Wisetail is a great LMS that integrates social learning in a productive way which we really liked...unfortunately, it wasn't in the budget to make the switch right now, but if I had to choose, it would be Wisetail. They had an awesome platform and they staff their sales and customer service departments equally so no waiting on issues that you need resolved ASAP.


Tomáš Rezler

Hi Hector,

I would recommend you LMS you can find here: http://training-online.eu/. I have only great experience with that. I have already been using it in the company where I work for almost one year and not only me as a learner, but also my employer is satisfied with that.

The biggest advantage is you don't have to pay any monthly fees - you pay only for courses you order and do. Moreover there is no need of license or hardware purchasing.

It is a global LMS - offers tens of languages and it can be very easily modified by yourselves. It is also very interactive, so that is supported by video tutorials and forum.

Hope I helped you guys ;-) Check it out.

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