Local Storyline SME Wanted

Hello all - at the suggestion of one of the moderators I am posting my request for a local SME in a couple of additional threads/forums. 

I am a consultant with Del Taco.  We are using PeopleMatter and Storyline to develop eLearning content and we need a local (to Southern California) SME as a longer term resource.  We are working with a third party vendor in the short term for our initial training/guidance and roll out but really want someone local for a long term business relationship.

If you are that SME, please contact me at dking@deltaco.com.



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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Dana, I don't live in Southern Cal so am not interested in this gig but I think you might have better luck getting a response if you clarify what you mean by a Storyline SME. Are you looking for someone to help you build courses using Storyline or someone who is an expert in the content you are developing?