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Nov 15, 2017

I was wondering if anyone knew how to capture long answer questions (text) in Storyline that would be captured somewhere - in an LMS?  

I want to get the learner to not just answer a question with one word but with a sentence or paragraph of their own that can be reviewed by an instructor or SME.  Can't do this with the text input question format as it wants to have specific correct answers.  

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Nicole Legault

Hi Sandra!

One option would be to insert a Survey >> Essay quiz slide. 

In Storyline, if you go to the Slides tab, you'll notice a button that says "Survey Questions". If you click on it, you can see the "Essay" question option. This will not be graded, but will be reported to an LMS where it can be reviewed by an instructor afterwards. 

Hope this helps :) 


If you want to assign them a grade "after the fact" by manually updating the score in the LMS (assuming you have access to adjust the participant's transcript) do the following:

  1. Follow Nicole's advice above, you can't go wrong listening to Nicole.
  2. Add a True/False question right after your essay question with "True" being the correct response. You can word the question something like "This participant has earned credit for their essay."
  3. Set a trigger on your new T/F question to execute at the slide's timeline start that changes the state of the False Radio Button to "selected". (This gives the student's a zero score for this question.)
  4. Add another trigger that also executes at the slide's timeline start that advances to the next question, effectively hiding this slide. Be sure it executes AFTER the trigger discussed in step 3.

What this will do is add a T/F question to your quiz that users will not see or be given an opportunity to answer AND that they will miss every time. When your reviewer reads the participant's survey question response and decides they should get credit, you adjust the transcript for the T/F question from false to true indicating that they are now being given credit for their essay.  Make sense?

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