Looking for 3 designers of leadership training for a dissertation project

Hello all,

My name is Vivi and I’m studying for a Human Resource Management Master’s degree. Currently, I’m writing my dissertation on ‘The impact of corporate training on employees’ leadership skills for crisis management.’ My research aims to gain further insights on:

- The training resources which help employees to develop leadership skills for crisis management

- How these training resources influence employees’ leadership skills for crisis management

- How these training resources can be improved in order to help employees developing leadership skills to manage a crisis

The interview won’t exceed 60 minutes and would involve you sharing your views on the above topics from a designer of leadership training perspective. While I can’t give you the questions in advance, I can confirm that the questions will fall within the outline mentioned above.

If you are open to taking part, please let me know in order to schedule the interview. 

Kind regards,

Vivi Stratigarea

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