Looking for a Storyline Superhero (or firm of superheroes)

We're wanting to convert some otherwise bland PowerPoint slides used for classroom learning into engaging and interactive training with Articulate Storyline. The audience is medical coders and the training is on a new medical code set (ICD-10 http://www.aapc.com/icd-10/index.aspx). 

  1. The individual or firm needs to be an expert in Storyline. Meaning you've ramped up quickly since its launch last year. We've been actively developing in it since BETA, but are internal Storyline experts are tied up on other projects.
  2. You need to be a really good instructional designer. The PowerPoint slides are coming from subject matter experts that have presented live. You need to be able to offer suggestions to modify script, insert interactivity, quizzing, and other elements to vary pacing, improve engagement, and measure learning. 
  3. This is a project we need to complete by June 30th (yes, I know it's quick). So the first step would be to identify what could be completed in a little over a month time and work towards what we KNOW we can finish -- we can improve things later, but I'm just trying to make it look good for round 1.

As we're planning on transitioning other education to the Storyline platform as well as developing new training from scratch, there's opportunity beyond this project for the right candidate/firm.

If you're interested, please PM me with examples of your STORYLINE experience and background in Instructional Design. And please note: modern styling is really important to us -- no amount of past experience or technical prowess will overcome work samples that looks outdated or unprofessional -- sorry.

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