Looking for Inspiration/Opinions - Need a visual update...

Hi Everyone,

I have been tasked with upgrading a large suite of eLearning courses on a variety of subjects from an aesthetic standpoint.

All of the courses follow the same template and most of them have a linear flow through the course.

I have revamped the courses a number of times in the past and I am starting to run out of ideas...

I really want to make the courses visually appealing as well as making them more interactive and engaging for the user.

I am aware the course is particularly basic and I'm planning on adding in more user activities instead of text heavy slides so that should help out a little but I am looking for some advice & opinions on the current state of my courses...

What could be changed, what might add that little bit extra? Anything at all really that might be helpful, or even just an honest opinion - "Your course looks crap, might as well start from scratch!" (Hopefully not but you catch my drift haha - And if that is an honest opinion please give your reasons...)

Anyway, I have attached an example lesson which follows most of the current rules I apply to the courses - I have removed the company logo due to privacy purposes but it is made up of 2 shades of blue & white to give an idea for my reasoning behind my course colour palette...

In advance, I really appreciate anyone taking the time to run through this and give me their valuable feedback!

Kind Regards,


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Nicole Legault

Hi Niall!

Thank you so much for sharing your work with the community and for opening yourself up to constructive feedback! That's not always easy to do! Overall I think you've done a really nice job. It's clean, not too cluttered, not too much content on each slide. 

One thing you might consider is giving the Menu (that appears on the left hand side of the screen) a good cleanup. Right now when the course launches it displays the entire menu and there's a lot of titles that are repeated ("Food") and that appear meaningless to the learner. I would clean up and organize the menu to make it appear neater and I would make it so the menu is minimized when the course is first launched, so the learner isn't overwhelmed by all the lessons listed in the menu.

Here's an article on this topic you might find helpful: Clean Up Your Storyline Player Menu With These 3 Easy Tips

Hope this is helpful :) Again, really nice work!

Shaun Martin

Hi Niall,

I’ve had a look over the course. Good on you for sharing it and opening yourself up to feedback!
Here’s some feedback from me… hope it hits the mark...

  • I think if you’re able to introduce some more colour you’d see a big impact. You mentioned that the blue you’re using is coming from the company’s logo. Do they have a set of brand guidelines that outlines other colours in their company palette? Having some extra colour in there would really help break up the content visually and differentiate different types of objects/info on the screen. 

For example on this screen it’s hard to tell the start button is any different from the heading as it is formatted the same:

If there aren’t other colours you can use then maybe even removing some blue would help differentiate content. For example – you could make the body text black rather than dark blue.

  • Play with text hierarchy. This is about ensuring learners attention is guided through the content… this is something I’ve started looking at lately and it’s really inspiring to see what a difference small changes in the text can make to the overall look and feel.

I’m no expert on this by any means, but here’s a couple of articles that might get the creative juices flowing…



I hope this is the sort of feedback you were after and that it helps in some way. I also just wanna say that there’s some cool images in the course!!!



Niall Mackenzie

Thanks Shaun,

Really appreciate your feedback, it's given me a lot to consider and got some ideas going on already!

Now that you have said it, I think you are totally right regarding the blue on the title slide, now looking at it, it seems like the whole slide is drowned out and over saturated with blue, definitely going to play around with it and see if I can make it stand out a bit more.

Text hierarchy is definitely something I will need to look into more, the two articles you have kindly provided are very interesting and again, given me a lot to consider moving forward.

Thanks again Shaun, extremely helpful!