Looking for photos to use for Workplace Bullying Harassment and Discrimination module

Apr 05, 2017

I'm working on a compliance module covering our company's EEO policy.  I'm having trouble finding photos for activities that represent bullying, harassment and discrimination examples for assessment.  I'd like to be able to use a selection of images and have learners identify the ones representing the incorrect behaviours (by adding captions).

Could anyone recommend any stock image sites that might be have suitable collections of photos?  Or recommend any that they've used already.

A lot of the images I find are way too corporate for our organisation, or just plain OTT. 

Thanks :)

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Richard Watson

Here are a few places you might check:

  • 123rf.com
  • pixabay.com

Here's another approach I use sometimes when I'm searching for images that doesn't require me to go through tons of thumbnails within one of the stock image sites.

Step 1: Do a Google Image search to find an image I like.

Step 2: Use the "View Image" button to get the full link to the photo. Copy the link.

Finding Image

Step 3: Go to www.tineye.com and paste the link into their search box.

This will show you where the image can be purchased.

Hope this helps.



Bob S

Hi Angela,

I do not know of a specific library for those types of images. However, often times by visiting standard stock image sites and showing off your search-fu skills you can surprise yourself with what turns up.

For example.... Try searching on related emotions instead of just "harassment".  Try using things like "shame + workplace" etc and you can often findmore images that can work nicely.

Hope this helps,


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