Looking for ways to show mixed instant feedback.

Mar 17, 2021

Hi all,

I've some 'pick many' quizzes, and what I thought would be intuitive feedback, seems less so to others. So I'm looking for feedback from you!

Would love to hear what you think is going on feedback-wise. Here's a sample:


All feedback welcome! Thanks folks.

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jennifer, the feedback is clear to me but I can see how it might be a little confusing to some people. Personally, I struggle with the best way to show feedback for partially correct pick many quiz questions.

Maybe try adding a statement to the feedback that says something like “There are three correct responses to this question. You got x of three correct.”  Then maybe put the word missed beside the green arrows.


Allison LaMotte

Hi Jennifer,

Honestly, it took a few seconds for me to fully understand what was going on here.

I love the way it looks in Rise 360. It feels super intuitive. Here's a screenshot:

The boxes indicate the learner's answers and the checks and Xs indicate the correct and incorrect answers. There's also some color-coding (orange for correct and grey for incorrect) which is a nice touch. However, be careful not to use color alone to indicate meaning as that's not accessible to all learners. If you like it, you could easily mimic it in Storyline using shapes.

Another option would be to get rid of the arrows and add a "solution" button where learners can see the correct answers (which you'd create on a separate layer) and allow the learner to toggle it on and off and compare their answer with the solution.