Looking to build client testimonials

Feb 09, 2021

Looking to build client testimonials on their experience with our department on the build of their course. Does anyone have any recommended questions to ask? How to ask the client for the testimonial? 

Thank you in advance!


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Tricia,

There are a few ways to get testimonials.

  • Ask if the client is willing to write a short testimonial and, if so, provide guidance about what you'd like them to cover. For example, "I'd appreciate you mentioning how well our team responded to your requests." 
  • Ask the client if they're willing to complete a brief survey, and, if so, ask if it's okay to use some of the feedback in testimonials.
    • The survey should ask open-ended questions about the process. For example, "What did you like about the experience?" "How did the team meet or exceed your expectations?"  
    • With this approach, you could also gather feedback about what needs improvement.