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We are a small Articulate development shop that is hosted in a State Government Human Services agency in New York State's Capital Region. (That would be Albany, not NYC. But you can easily get there from here) We develop courses for human service workers statewide.  We have an opening for an Articulate developer and have had limited success finding the right applicant. 

Does anyone have ideas of places we can advertise?  We've done the online job sites and some local colleges, newspapers and have found some folks, but we feel that we may be missing the larger Articulate community.  Here is the link to the Job announcement:


Any suggestions (or resumes) would be appreciated


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Gabe Anderson

Welcome, Dave! Posting in this forum is a great place to find candidates, too, so you've come to the right place. There are also a couple Articulate groups on LinkedIn that may be worth posting to, as well:

Like Justin, I'm also in Saratoga Springs, so always good to see more Articulate users in the Capital Region!

Gabe Anderson

Saratoga's a great place to spend time! 

We do have occasional interaction with Elliott Masie (he was a big fan of Engage when we launched it and he's quoted on this page) - and coincidental that Saratoga's become a sort of mini elearning hub between his and our presence here. 

Good luck in the search!

Jack McCarty

After looking at the job announcement, my question is; "Are you receptive to telecommuters?"  Living in San Antonio, TX makes the commute too grueling for onsite presence but many of the DISTANCE learning concepts can be applied to DISTANCE developing.

I have done a great deal of collaborative development at a distance and am "in the hunt" for some project-based development work.   What say you?  Could a remote team member with years of Articulate experience make a difference in your small shop?

Could a telecommuter be the "good luck in your search" equation?

I've sent a private message with contact information.

Hope to hear from you!