Make a dry topic interesting, but not cute or silly

Oct 22, 2012

I've been looking around for examples to get my creative juices flowing, but nothing seems to quite fit yet. I'm building a course in Presenter/Engage/Quizmaker on Inventorship (patents) for research & development staff (scientists). I'd like to make it as interesting and interactive as I can, but it can't be too cutesy or silly or the audience will tune out (I tend to lean towards cute and silly in general). I'm working off of a fairly dry Word document provided by the SME so there's not much pizazz there. However, he has lots of great, detailed scenarios. Any suggestions or examples would be greatly appreciated! 

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Daniel Brigham

Bruce makes a good point. I'd suggest actually talking to members of your audience about how will they will actually use the content. How they actually use the content will help you will real life scenarios, which is one way to make it sort of interesting.

Also, why is this training being offered? What are the problems this training is addressing? If you can, highlight the fact that this training is helping to solve real problems. If you can make them believe that problem is important, they'll probably view the training as important, and therefore (sort of) interesting.

Other ways to create interest:

1. Create a killer visual design (that's inherently interesting).

2. Surprise them. Highlight the gaps in their knowledge.

3. Create a true to life story about the content.

4. Higher a professional voiceover talent. Sooo many courses are kamikazed by goofy narrators who are distracting to listen to.

5. Keep the content as lean as possible. Get in and get out. Your audience will appreciate it.

Can you give us a little bit more info about the topic? --Daniel

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