Make correct drag and drop items appear and disappear

Hi everyone!

I looked in several other discussion forums for the answers to my question, but I haven't been successful in finding exactly what I am looking for.  Hopefully, you all can point me in the correct direction.

I am building an interaction in which the learner will drag questions to the correct category.  What I want to happen is that the learners will click the button to reveal the first question.  After the first question is answer moved to it's correct target, the next question appears and the previous question disappears.  If the question is moved to the wrong target, then the question will snap back to the center of the page.  The learner will have 2 other opportunities to drag the question to the correct target.  Once all questions have been moved to the correct target, then the learner can submit to see the results page.  

What currently is happening is the learner will click the button to reveal the first question.  If the first question is moved to the correct target, the question does not disappears; it turns green.  If the question is moved to the incorrect target; it turns red and does not disappear.  Then, the next question will appear before the learner has figured out where the correct target is for the previous question.   The slide becomes very messy and hard to read after a few questions appear.  

I also have a few answers that always are shown as incorrect even though they are correctly matched up with the right targets in form view.

I am attaching the file so you all can get a better understanding of what I am describing.

So my questions are:

1.  How do I make correct objects disappear after it is moved to the drop target?

2. How do I make incorrect objects snap back to a designated spot if it is incorrect?

3,  How do I set triggers so that next object doesn't appear until the previous object is moved to its correct target?

4.  Why are my objects being show as incorrect when they are correct?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Jason Reed

Hi La Shaunda,

Wow. That's a big task that you've set yourself. I had a quick look at the file, but I can't really troubleshoot without the storyline file.

I think you could make things easier on yourself rather than getting bogged down in so many triggers and variables. Instead of making the questions disappear, what if you created a different slide for each question? This would mean that you don't have the issue of trying to make questions disappear, but you would still get that effect. If all of the question slides are identical, then you get the illusion of the slide not changing, but the questions will. Does that make sense?

To make the questions snap back if they're incorrect, you should be able to adjust your settings in the drag and drop options. Just tick the first box to return items to the start point.

I suspect this is where you've set the questions to appear one at a time.

The only other comment I'd add is that dragging the sentence onto a small box meant it was hard to know exactly where it was landing. Perhaps you could change the size of the text boxes to match the answer box? Or vice versa. Something to make it clear to the user that they're dropping their answer in the right spot.

Hope this helps,


La Shaunda Webb

Hi Jason, 

I am not an expert yet, so I haven't figured out how to just attach the storyline file with out zipping the whole thing.  So thank you for the response to my question without even seeing the interaction!   

Since this interaction is in a larger course, I want to avoid making multiple slides for this interaction.  I am not sure how to have multiple slides not show up in the menu but allow the rest of the slides to be visible.  I probably am making this super complicated:)

Thanks for your suggestion of changing the size of the answer boxes.  I am not "in love" with the look of the interaction, so that is definitely something I will take into consideration. 

Click here to see the interaction