Making lists interactive and interesting

Jul 28, 2015

I'm building a series of eLearning packages, and I've been supplied with content that involved lots of ordered and unordered lists. Rather than just placing these on the screen as they are (very boring), I'm looking for inspiration to make lists more interesting

So far I've created the following:

  • Several numbered shapes that reveal each point on the list when clicked.
  • An underground train map, where learners hover over the top of each station to reveal the point
  • A set of icons, which reveal the point when clicked.

How do you tackle lists when developing content? Any tips on making them more interesting or interactive? Examples would be great! (Will try and get some of mine published and will post them later.)


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Bob S

Some good ideas you have already. Might also want to consider having them actually do something with the lists as well.    For example....

1) Rank the items in the order you feel is most important

2) Rearrange the items to create a checklist of which ones you will tackle first

3) Choose the three that you feel currently done the best/worst

NOTE: In many cases the actual output of the interaction doesn't matter beyond having them interact with the list items on a deeper level in order to aid in retention.

Gemma Nunn

It never occurred to me to use lists in that way. I've been struggling for ideas lately (feel like I have some kind of creative block), but you've made some really good suggestions here. I'll have to try them out, particularly the second suggestion.

Most of the elearning I'm developing is for retail, and there's a fair amount of procedural content included. The checklist idea would be a good way to check understanding, or even to assess prior learning.

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