Hi what are the display sizes that you use for the above screens when you create a storyline course. I have created mostly desktop and don't know what developers are using for the the other 2 devices.

As well, do you create and publish 3 different courses according to these sizes. I would assume if you create for a desktop size, the mobile published version would be not look good.

And lastly, when you put up these courses, do you create 3 buttons for a user to choose from according to their device?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Nicole Legault

Hi there!

Thanks for leaving your comment here in the community. 

When you create and publish a Storyline project it will automatically work and look good on all devices.

You do not need to design for each device. Simply design for desktop, and it will also look good on mobile devices.

You don't need to include any buttons for different devices; the user simply accesses the course from any device and it looks good.

You can actually preview how your course will look on any of the devices by clicking on a device in Preview mode in Storyline. 

Here's how my course looks on a desktop computer:

Now here's how my same course looks on a phone in landscape view:

Hope this helps :)