Motor vehicle accidents

Dec 17, 2019


I've been tasked with creating a short course to reduce the amount of MVAs for our fleet. Anyone know of some good templates or some different ways of presenting stats and changing driver behaviour?

Thanks heaps.

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Allison LaMotte
Karl Muller

Just presenting stats can be tough.

First determine the most common root causes of your MVAs and then address those specific issues, Most organizations will do an investigation following a MVA and produce a report. Those reports are a good place to start, and look for common trends,

For example, if driver fatigue is one of the causes you can advise them to take frequent breaks etc.

Adult learners also need to be motivated, and understand why they need to learn/change.

Emphasize the impact of MVAs on them as individuals and their families, For example, injuries can lead to lost wages, rehabilitation, financial difficulties, etc.

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