Moving Object on Motion Path to the Next Slide

Nov 02, 2016


I feel I've seen this done before but can't find the example. I have a timeline that runs onto the next slide and I'd like to have it move across a motion path.

When the learner clicks the next button, the object moves to the left and will appear on the next slide at the exact same location. 

Can this be done?

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Luke Heathershaw

Hi Katie,

Could you use layers to do this?

You could have your object on the base layer and then open up a new layer when the learner clicks a button, or have the object in a layer itself (set a trigger to open this layer when the base layer starts) and then open a new layer when that one finishes? 

Or you could even have it all in one layer (or the base layer) and set it to pause after a certain amount of seconds, then it resumes when the learner clicks a button.

It certainly sounds doable anyway.



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