Navigation Instructions

Sep 08, 2016

Rather than force every learner to listen to navigation instructions at the beginning of a course (that 99% of learners don't need), I plan to have a "nav help tab" at the top of the screen. I will include audio instructions in the beginning of the course that say, "for navigation instructions, click the help button at any time during this course."

Question: Does anyone have a favorite idea or template of a one slide navigation demo to share?  Don't want to reinvent the wheel wth this one ... thanks!

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Joseph Ferraro

We use a single slide for each module that contains narrated layers (or videos with narration) for Navigation, Resources, and Objectives.

  • Navigation covers basics like seekbar, prev/next buttons, and explains the menu.
  • Resources covers the actual Resources tab, as well as Glossary, Transcript (aka Notes) and any other bells and whistles added for additional content beyond what the module offers.
  • Objectives covers the topics for the module itself, and explains what is in each Lesson (aka Scene) in the module.

I like the idea of having this somewhere omnipresent like a tab instead of on a slide at that beginning!