Need advice on what to look for (or ask for) when seeking freelance assistance

Mar 24, 2017

Hi Everyone!  

Need advice on what to look for (or ask for) when seeking freelance assistance- I was thinking I'd put an ad in  

Here's the issue, I create courses from start to finish for clients (writing, storyboarding, developing, voice over, the whole shebang) and I've bitten off more than I can chew.  I need help and I don't even know where to start for the help wanted ad.  I need someone to take raw content and turn it into a storyboard, then I'd assume that I'd have someone else develop the course, is that right?  

Or would I need 3 different roles: 1) Content Writer (to rewrite the raw content) 2)Instructional Designer (to storyboard) and 3) Course Developer (to build the course)?

For Course Developers - Would I need to provide the voice over audio; or is that a separate service also?  I'd want it built in storyline so I can edit if the client decides they need to make changes down the road.  


Thanks, Rebecca

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Christy Tucker

I agree with Ulises overall. You should know the scope of everything at each of those steps as you outlined it with your existing clients. I will add that I would group together what you have as "content writing" and "instructional design." I'm actually finishing up a course done that way myself, where I'm doing both of those roles. Just like you yourself can do it end-to-end, good IDs can too. For outsourcing purposes, I think it's easier to find separate Storyline developers.

You would probably have better results posting for the Storyline developer here in the job board than on Upwork. I suspect you'll get better quality applicants.

I would also hire Voice Over separately from a professional voice over person. Narrator Files is relatively inexpensive and pretty consistent. They're adequate for many courses. I have certainly found better quality at Narrator Files than on Upwork. I've had very mixed results with voice over from Upwork.

In general, Upwork is a challenging site for finding good quality people. The site has many clients offering absurdly low rates, and many freelancers accepting them. There are absolutely good people working there, but you have to filter through so much crap to find them.

Instead of posting the ID job on Upwork, I would post it here and the eLearning Guild job boards. I think you'll get a higher quality pool of applicants from those two sources. The ideal source, of course, would be other IDs and developers you know in your network. Don't forget to reach out to your network to people you trust from past jobs.

One final suggestion: You might be interested in joining the Online Network of Independent Learning Professionals. The LinkedIn group is the entry point, but most of the conversation happens during our virtual meetings and in Slack. We discuss a lot of these types of issues there. It would also help you build a network of people for future outsourcing. Personally, I know if I get overbooked and need help that I won't post a job online. I'll go to ONILP first.

John Cheek

Hey, Rebecca!

As I work as a writer, I can share how I find my potential clients to work with. 

1. Publish a post on your social media where you describe what people you're looking for. On average, it allows you to contact great workers as they get a direct invitation from their friends, depending on their knowledge and experience.

2. Surf LinkedIn to find new people.

3. Use your email list to reach out people whom you know. 

Hope it can help.

Btw, you can write me directly as well :)


Patricia Peral

I would say it depends on what agreement you have with the client. I will usually do the scripting and voice over and subcontract out the storyline authoring, mainly because once I send them one example, they should just copy the style and most clients have hired me based on samples with my voice and my writing style, so I would want to keep that consistent.

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