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David Anderson

Hi Vincent D,

You're importing .swfs via Articulate > Insert > Flash Movie and then selecting the option to open in a new browser window?

If the movies are looping in the new browser window, it's more to do with how the .swf files were created than anything you can do in Presenter.

How did you create the files? Did you use Flash or another tool to generate the .swf files? In Flash you can obviously add a stop(); action to the last frame. If you used another tool to create the .swf files, maybe there's an option to control the looping and playback?

Let us know a little more about the .swf files like why you  need to load them in an external browser and how they were created.


Vincent D

Hi David!

Yes, that is how I am importing them.  We used another tool (CamStudio) to generate AVIs that we converted to SWF files...

I am loading them into a browser because when I import them directly into the program the videos distort when viewed in the published program...not sure why but it would be most ideal to solve that problem rather than the loop issue.

Any other advice?

Thanks so much!