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Rebecca Hay


I have recently fallen in love with infographics.

You have done a very nice job with this one.

My suggestions are:

1.       Tighten up the wording/phrases. Make them as short and impactful as possible. For example: change “Who Goes for Career with Online Degree?” to “Who pursues an online degree?”

2.       In the mouse graphic, I would suggest keeping the percentage numbers in the yellow bars while moving the rest of the text to the orange section. Trim the words here too. For example say: “50%   Financially Independent”. “Today” isn’t needed because that is a given. Also “students” isn’t needed because that is stated just above it.

3.       For the rest of it, I would suggest tightening up the wording. Maybe use a Thesaurus to see if you can replace a whole phrase with just a word or two.

I really do like the way that you’ve organized the graphics to tell a story and lead you from one section down to the next.  Looking forward to seeing more from you.

Patti Bryant


First of all, this is BEA-U-T-FUL. EXCELLENT work! When I look at it, it just makes me happy.

My comments are:

  1. Everything that Rebecca said - she is spot on.
  2. In the circles at the top, some of the phrases start with a capital letter and others don't. I would suggest either making them all one way or the other.
  3. LOVE the tree and reference to saving paper.
  4. LOVE the overall color scheme.

Again, great work!

Kristen Hull

Nicely done!  I think this needs a once-over by a copy editor (once the wording is tightened up as Rebecca suggested).  There are some misplaced commas (“A meta-analysis of 50 study effects, found that…”, some inconsistent capitalizations (Fulfill Requirement for transfer vs Fulfill requirement for AA/AS), and some awkwardly worded phrases.   Even the title “Career with Online Degree” sounds a little odd to my ear.

I think the answer to “How do Employers Perceive Online Degrees?” shouldn’t be a yes/no response.  You don’t answer a “how” questions with a “yes”.

I found one blurb kind of jarring “Study online to protect yourself from campus murder, bullying, assaults, robberies, car thefts, and arson.”  Seems like some of this stuff could happen at your house/apt.  Plus, campus murder and bullying….yeow, that is such as serious topic.  To breeze over it underneath a cutesy graphic seems unfeeling or inappropriate.

Natalia Mueller

This is a really nice piece. It's a great idea to reach out to people outside of the project to identify areas that can be improved. Once your edits are done you are going to have a really nice product.

  • I agree with Kristin. To me the campus murder blurb discredits the whole piece because it almost seemed like a joke. It's just out of place among the rest of the information.
  • The title is easy to misread. I read it "Career Online With Degree". Maybe use a different font for Online Degree. 
  • I also think you could remove or reword the "Acceptability of Online Graduates for different career positions".
  • In the growth section, maybe use a different ratio to represent online students. The way it is now it's hard to easily see the increase  

Again, really nice job!

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