New here, looking for advice and UK contacts

Hi guys!

I am new to this community. I've been working for a medium-sized educational publishing company that create study guides and textbooks for high school students. We are now looking to take our product to the digital era. We've been experimenting with some PDF-layering but it just doesn't quite cut it!

Have any of you had experience in using high school textbooks to create interactive courses using Storyline? We publish all of the major subjects but we would be starting with the most popular ones - maths, science, biology etc. 

I am busy creating a bit of a sample to show my company what can be done. I hope to include interactive physics animations using a different program, like Zebrazapps, and then importing it into Storyline. What is your opinion on Zebrazapps? What program would you recommend?

Lastly, if the company decides to go ahead with the project (which I will know before the end of the year), there will be way too much work for me to handle on my own. So, I'd really like to start making some UK-based contacts that would be keen to get on board this exciting venture. I am in the South East... so preferably I'd be looking for people that are close enough to be able to meet up in person once or twice down the line for work hand-overs / discussions - I can travel reasonable distances though! 

Any advice will be appreciated! Looking forward to getting to know you guys

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Bruce Graham

Hi Kirsten, and a warm welcome to the Heroes Community.

There are a few "UK'ers" here on the board, I'm in Camberley and you can find me at

Send me a PM or call if you want to have a chat.

Once again - welcome to the Forums, and hope to see you around the various discussions.