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Christy Tucker

It looks like you have a good start with the scenario structure. You could build a screen showing the initial intro to the situation. Then, you could use characters and maybe a click to reveal about each of the subordinates and their skills. Finally, you have a series of questions. #1 definitely needs to be an open-ended text box as written. #2 could be a checklist of tasks, or it could be another text box. #3 could be split into a multi-part question: a multiple choice question for who to delegate to and a follow-up question about how much you would delegate to them. "How much" could be a percentage, but it's probably more useful to have a text box again.

Have I explained it clearly enough for you to get started?

Surender Rajput

Hi Christy, 

Thank you for the suggestion. I will definately try it. Actually,  we altered our plan and now using the case study in an ILT training where it will be presented before the real training so that participants could get started/thinking.

I created a simple TAB interaction in engage. Please see what i have created. A newbie here, would love to have your feedback on this. Thanks a ton for replying.





Christy Tucker

That's a good start! Can you use all the same style of characters, instead of switching for the last person? The cartoon style looks out of place after all the rest were in the same style.

I still would probably break it up into several screens. The people are all one "chunk" of information that go together, but the other pieces feel like they deserve their own separate slides.

  1. Things to do
  2. Tab interaction with the people
  3. Situation
  4. Questions

But, that's more personal preference than a firm design guideline. It may make sense to keep it all in a single slide because of how you're doing the ILT training.

Surender Rajput

That's a wonderful suggestion. I shall incorporate that. Just one more question, i want to capture responses of these questions. I tried to import the project which I have created on  engage to storyline. However, not sure how can i add a trigger on the imported project.

Moreover, the lms we use runs on SCORM 1.2 and it does not capture text based responses. So even if i put these questions in a separate tab and users give their replies, in lms , i won't be able to get their replies.

It looks like i am left with only one choice to have a trigger on a button on the last tab which takes the user to microsoft forms and there i can capture the responses. 

However, the big question is how do i add trigger on an already created project on engage. Please help.

Christy Tucker

I can't help you with the Engage interactions--I've never really used Engage. You might need to try asking that part of the question in another forum.

You are correct that the open-ended responses can't be tracked in SCORM 1.2. That would be the case regardless of which tool you used to build it.

Do you need to track those responses? Is someone actually going to read them and do something with that information? If so, your idea of a form is good.

However, if no one is going to look at the responses, then just keep the interactions as is. If you were training this live in a physical classroom, chances are that not everyone would respond, and no one would record their responses anyway. In the same way, not everything in elearning needs to be tracked.

Surender Rajput

Thank you again for replying back and I am sorry to keep bothering you.

The responses are crucial since due to covid, physical classroom idea has taken a back seat and this case study will be rather use as a PRE-Course read which we will upload in our LMS and than training will be conducted virtually on teams where the responses will be evaluated. Hence, i had to re-work on storyline. On the last slide, i have created a button which takes the user to form. I also require to put the exit button otherwise lms will not record completion. 

Please suggest shall i create one more slide where i put the exit or Re-phrase last slide only. 

Also, suggest feedback. Thank you.





Christy Tucker

I think you need to make the directions clearer at the end. Tell them to answer the questions, then return to the slide to click the exit button. I would probably tell them that the course completion won't be recorded unless they do both steps. If you really want to be sure, make the Exit button hidden until they click the Question button.