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Hello, I work for a credit union and have been tasked with essentially creating "programs" to educate our employees on each of our products. Various checking/ savings accounts. I built one for our credit card offerings, I attached a screenshot of the basic layout for it, a tabbed interaction. Do you think this would be an effective approach for the other products as well or any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

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Nicole Legault

Hey there Cody!

Thanks so much for popping into the E-Learning Heroes Community with your question! That's a really fun and exciting project that you're taking on! Product training can be super fun to create (at least I personally love it!)  Looks like the slide you shared with a tabs interaction is very nicely designed. Looking good!

So the instructional designer side of me has one important thing I would ask... do you have a list of learning objectives? Because if you do, your learning objectives can basically be used to guide your entire course. Everything should revolve around the learning objectives. Here's an article with some tips on writing learning objectives: How to Write Good E-Learning Objectives

I would also look to incorporate information into your course about the "why". Why do the learners need to know about this product? Why do they need to know about this specific feature? When and why and how will they actually use this information in real life, on the job? What would happen if they didn't know about this feature? Between focusing on a list of specific learning objectives (which should be focused on what learners need to DO with the information at hand) and making sure the learner understands the "why" you're a lot more likely to make this training relevant and interesting to those who have to take it. Here's a link to a series of articles all about Practical Instructional Design How Tos.. there may be some stuff in here thats useful to you! 

Hope this helps :) 

Kim Ellis

Hi Cody, 

Have you considered explainer videos for some of your product training?

Here is an example of one I did to introduce a course, you could do something similar to explain the product and features.  All this is is a voice over with background music, then some PowerPoint slides, all put together using video editing software.   

Using video as a standalone module or added to your Storyline project could enhance the experience for your learners.  Plus they are pretty fun to create.

Have fun and good luck with your project.


Cody Messmore

I think video's are still a little down the road for us. We are still really in the beginning phases of using the program and how exactly we want to mass distribute things like videos. I do like the suggestion and would really like to learn more about it once we get a video editing software. 

Ray Cole


Nicole's advice is good advice. The request that came to you is like most requests that come to training professionals: focused on content. What we have to do as training professionals, is translate those requests into courses that focus on the learner. So the course shouldn't be about the products your company offers; it should be about how learners should use their knowledge about the products to inform realistic work-related decisions.

One way you might jump-start your thinking along these lines is to think about how you could make the tab labels relate to actions learners take, instead of features of the product.

But ultimately, starting from a good set of learning objectives will be the best way to get your design headed in the right direction.

Good luck!