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Hi all

Great news, we have been very busy at WorkBright in between elearning courses creating new Storyline templates.  I was talking to someone on a forum the other day and he was hesitant to buy Storyline because of the lack of purchasable templates.  Someone else said variables are great, if you have the time to figure it out.

Aha! What an opportunity!

Many late nights later, our first template, Quizzify is for sale on our website

This is not done with code or flash, so it is easily adaptable by content authors, and works on html5. I have tested it on my own iPad and it worked perfectly (within Litmos LMS).  Quizzify is a categories based quiz game which records your score as you go. It has been designed so it can be used for both fun review and tracked questions.

Articulate support suggested I mention it here when I was finished. We have more coming including Think or Swim, a pirate ship battle game quiz, Correct 4 and Click 2 Zoom.  I hope others take up this idea and we end up with the kind of marketplace we currently have for flash.

Can't wait to hear your feedback on this idea/project.

P.S. My tip for the day: If you are going to design templates to be HTML5 compatible, limit your gradients to simple and not too dark, iPad doesn't like them!

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Jacinta Penn

Great news, I have completed a new market for Storyline templates so we can all share, for fee or for fee, our Storyline templates.

I have 7 templates to start the market off, and I hope you guys will be submitting your own templates as soon as possible!