New: The Counties of Arizona - Storyline Project

Sep 04, 2013

After an absence, I'm returning to the Forums with my new Storyline license keeping me from falling asleep. Storyline Insomnia! Worth every lost hour of sleep.


Here is a Drag and Drop mini sample demonstrated on my YouTube channel:


The Counties of Arizona


(Ignore my VO; I'm a bit rusty.)

(4 October 2016 - I have "retired" from e-learning, and so will no longer respond to this post. I deeply appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions, and I will miss this community very much. All the best to you.)

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Jenise Cook (

Hello, everyone, and thank you!

Kawstov FLIP, I'm not sure why the 2nd URL didn't work for you. I'm sorry. I think I may do a Screenr to show how I built it. If I do, I'll post that Screenr URL here in the future.

Nicole, Daniel, and David: Thank you for your very kind comments.

Daniel, I, too love the spinning stars.

Nicole, thank you for your feedback on the instructions. That made my day!

David, yes, I understand about selecting the correct targets. Mark and I have thought about doing this DnD activity on the AZ counties and county seats for a year now, just to have something that we can use to practice! LOL So, I went ahead and built this project after we got Storyline.

We are absolutely, positively enjoying Storyline! In fact, he has to drag me away from the computer around 10pm, I'm having so much fun. I can't wait to test its limits!

A couple of clients are waiting to see some specific portfolio pieces, so thank you, again, for your feedback on The Counties of Arizona.

Best to all!

Jenise Cook (

That's how I understood you, David, and we are in the same "boat" with you. That's why I created this DnD, to help us study the county names and learn the county seats.

Why? Who knows. LOL Probably to help us when we take road trips.

Yuma County is the easiest to remember! (Then, and Yavapai and Maricopa.)

Jenise Cook (

Hi, Gloria!

Thank you very much! Zoom...that would be a great idea! Maybe zoom in to the county and see a photo of either the county's courthouse, a major feature (like the Grand Canyon), or a "notorious" historical person. I know..."Zoom in on a Zonie"!  

I didn't think of the Zoom, so again, thanks Gloria! I'll give that a try.

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