New Website Feature Ideas/Requests for Freelancers

Articulate Team

First, I wanted to let the Articulate team know how much I appreciate what they do to showcase freelancers both on your website and via social media.

Second, I was not able locate a specific discussion forum that focuses on new request/ideas, so I will just start a new discussion thread in the meantime.

Here are a few ideas that I would like offer up for consideration for the future:

  1. Jobs card on the front page for freelancers:

This would make it easier to post freelance/contract jobs as well as search and find them. It could be split off into two paths: 

In one section, you could see posts from people looking for freelancers.  If there is a way to archive these posts after a certain amount of time, that would be great; and, sort them from newest to oldest automatically would be amazing. There are a lot of posts that are several years old that you have to sort through to find current listings.  The other could be a section on resources for freelancers (sample contracts, checklists, project design templates, professional insurance questions, tools, etc.)

2. Featured "Freelancer of the Week"
I think this would be a nice touch. Provide a short bio and picture of a selected freelancer each week. You could also include a link to their website/portfolio.

3. Free Downloads 
Although this is not part of the freelancer section, having a place that provides access to all of the things that are provided for free by the Articulate Community would be great. Perhaps sorted by product? I've noticed several freelancers have offered up free Storyline items (sliders, tabs, interactions, characters, etc.) but they seem to get buried inside the challenge comments or somewhere in the Building Better Courses section. I suspect this might show up under the Featured Downloads card but didn't see it.

Thanks for considering my requests! Hopefully, this is in the correct location. If not, please feel free to move it to the appropriate location. :)

Again, you guys are doing a wonderful job and I'm honored to be part of the best e-Learning community on the Internet.



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David Anderson

Hi Richard-

First, thank you for all the really schweet templates you've shared over the past few months:-) 

We're looking at some ways to further support our jobs and freelancers. The card idea is something to consider. Since we're capturing ELH2 feedback, I'll make sure to add to add your ideas to our feature doc.

Before the launch, I posted regular template recaps for source files shared in the forums and challenges. That slowed down the past month, but you can expect to see it resume going forward. The examples page will be updated weekly. I suspect the weekly challenges will be a good source of those examples. Shared source files would also be included.