Non responsive NEXT button - HELP Please !

Hi everyone, need some help with a module I wrote some time ago but now doesnt seem to work.

The problem starts in 2.2 slide, when the user clicks on the NEXT button it should take him back to 1.3, but it doesn't nothing happens at all.

You get to 2.2, by clicking on the green DIRECTLY button in 1.3, which takes you first to a layer called DIRECT CONTAMINATION. Once you complete the animation task, it automatically takes you to slide 2.2.

The other 2 green buttons in 1.3 work fine.

The idea is that once you have completed the activities in the 3 green buttons you get returned back to 1.3, and each button should become disabled, grey out and a red tick appear. This doesnt happen for the DIRECTLY button as you cant get back to it from 2.2.

Where have I gone wrong please ?

Any help greatly appreciated 



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Irshad kachchi

Hi Altan,

Based on your requirement you need to create 1 trigger on timeline start of "DIRECT CONTAMINATION" layer and put the When revisiting = "Reset to initial state" from Slide Layer Properties.

Hide Layer
This layer
When timeline start

On Condition
visitslide26 = = Equal to True

(visitslide26 value is used on slide 2.2 timeline start)

Please find the attached updated Contamination_260517.story file.

Hope this will help.

Altan Ahmet

Irshad, that works great !

The funny thing is I didn't have that hide layer instruction on older versions & yet it worked, without it previously, which seems strange ?

I suspect it has something to do also with the reset to initial state instruction on the direct contamination layer ?