Not sure why, but when I push a slide to print, it appears very small on the PDF document

Jun 08, 2021

Hi everyone. I've searched previous posts, but have not found a solution. Hoping someone can help. I'm not too well-versed with Javascript, but I'm open to explore a solution if pointed in the right direction.

I'm using the Javascript window.print() to print the content of a slide. When doing so, the slide exports as a pdf but appears very small on the page. Is there any way to ensure that the slide that is being printed is larger or filled to the boundaries of  a page?

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Julio! I know many of our community members use JavaScript for printing certificates or other course resources so hopefully some other folks can chime in with their advice. In the meantime, have you tried editing the PDF settings? Perhaps editing the layout, paper size, or other settings might do the trick. Here are the settings I used to get a slide to mostly fill the screen in a course that also included the print function.