Object State change on Slide Master

Jan 03, 2017

I need to show or not show a piece of text that is a text box on slide master .

The text box is displying the "question number of total question" where question number and total question are variable controlled by the type and the progression of the quiz the learner is doing.

I have two possible selection for the questionnaire. The first one is a freeplay questionaire where the leraner play with all the questions available in the databank. The other selection is a final test with a predefined number of question drawn from the same databank and associated result slide (pass/not pass).

For the freeplay selection no "question number of total question" must be shown during the exercise, whilst it must be displayed in the final test.

I used a trigger to change state of the slide master text box from normal to hidden based on variable (True/false) which is set by the type of questionnaire the learner is going to take (freeplay or final test), but it does not work.

The variable is working as expected but it seems that on slide master the trigger is not working at all.

Any suggestion on this issue.

Thank you


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandro,

It sounds similar to an issue we've reported to our QA team for investigation where the slide master variable references aren't updated when they exist on the slide master as well. Unfortunately there isn't an update to share on this issue yet, but I can include this forum discussion as a part of the report with our team so that I can share any updates with you here once they're available. Also if you'd like us to confirm it's the same issue, feel free to share your .story file here with us or send it along to our Support team here! 

Sandro Avantaggiato

Ashely, thank you for the answer.

I confirm that it's a similar issue .

I have found a workaround solution grabbing suggestion from other forum discussion on this issue.

I used variables that toogles when needed (user actions) and control the state of specifics  objects on master slide in accordance with assigned variable set value (i.e. true/false).

I am looking forward for any update on this.

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