Off-Topic Friday Post: Recipe App Recommendations

Sep 13, 2013

Hello everyone!

I am looking for recommendations for a recipe app for my iPhone and iPad, and even though it's off-topic, since it's casual Friday...I thought I'd get input from the best community out there =)

Over the past few months I've been discovering that cooking and baking are new favourite hobbies of mine! I've now got a bunch of recipes written on scraps of paper and on the backs of envelope kinda scattered around the kitchen. This won't do.

I'd really like to organize them in a Recipe app but the selection is a bit overwhelming. I want something that makes it simple to input ingredients and photos. I've read that The Recipe Box gets good reviews but Im wondering if it's worth the 3.99$ or if there are any free comparables....

So I'm looking for all your suggestions! Thanks...

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Bruce Graham

For recipes...if I have scraps of paper, (and I have one great heirloom pickle recipe taped in a front cover...), I stick them into the appropriate recipe book.

Books just seems to go with the whole "slow food" idea for me.

I spent 2-3 hours a night for 10 years immersed in the world of cooking, and investigated many ways to find and keep recipes, and books by chefs, (not "celebrity chefs"...) was the way I ended up going. I has the same quandary as you at the start - too many scribbled notes.

I found that recipes collected on bits of paper were great places to start, as word-of-mouth cooking is often wonderful. If you cook from a book written by a chef, very often you will go "Wow - that tastes like restaurant food!", which is a different and more rewarding experience completely.

They also specialise, so you will get a "fish" book, or a "Chinese" book, where the depth and breadth of facts as well as recipes will help you develop your knowledge and understanding.

It's one area of life where "rapid learning" is not necessarily the nest way to go, (in my experience).

Have fun.


Nicole Legault

Thanks for all the great suggestions, guys!

@Michael Hinze: I like the Loblaws app idea a lot.. I'm a PC fan and shop there quite a bit... and free is always awesome!!

@Paul S.: I'm a bit embarrassed to admit i haven't yet used OneNote... but several people have told me I should, so maybe this is a good reason to get started in there!! Thanks for the tip!

@Bruce Graham: I do agree that books and food go well together! That's a good tip about the cookbooks by chefs... I actually don't yet own a single cookbook. Every time I want a recipe I either get it from friends or family, or I go online... Maybe I should invest in a coupe of good cookbooks... Thanks for sharing your experience

Nicole Legault

@Nancy and Bruce -- thanks for the two recommendations. I actually like learning about the techniques of cooking (Along with recipes). Matter of fact, I just googled "How to chop an onion" last night and found an awesome Jamie Oliver YouTube clip and now Im chopping onions like a pro. There's a technique for everything !! My birthday is in a few weeks so I'm going to ask my folks/sister for both of those books thanks for helping me start my collection!

@Holly - thnks for the tip about Evernote.. i had heard the name mentioned before, but wasn't 100% sure what it was, so I just googled it and it actually looks pretty awesome... thanks for letting me know about that!!

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