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Jennifer Munro

Great work Kirsten and Melanie.  I can see this being used for educational virtual classes - topic themes, models, constructs, terms etc.

It could also be used for a virtual classroom cohort (where you will be meeting regularly and want to spend some time getting to know each other) by combining it with whispering and the traditional ice-breaker type questions find someone who has:  watched..., read..., eaten, long hair, 4 siblings, etc.

john  clifton

With many employees still working from home, the hours spent in virtual meetings can feel endless. Few things break up the monotony like an unexpected visit from your colleague’s cat, a child screaming about something they just broke, or a coworker not realizing they are still on video.

We gathered several of the most common virtual meeting “fails” and turned them into a game of Virtual Meeting BINGO to help your meetings go a little more quickly. It is also the perfect Friday afternoon game to play with colleagues. here in this discussion: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/building-better-courses/online-teatime-meeting-bingo