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Nov 30, 2011

Hello all!

With all of the recent articles about online portfolios, I decided it is time to get mine up and running as well. You are all very inspirational and I have seen some amazing portfolios from the folks in this forum! I can only hope mine will get to that someday. Meanwhile, I have created an online portfolio and am starting a blog. I'm looking to take the leap in starting some part time freelance work and I know this will be a good way to do so. The portfolio isn't jammed with a lot of content yet, I'm working on getting more on it, but I have some to start with. 

This is where the forum comes in! Could you please take a moment, visit, and let me know what you think? Any and all suggestions are welcome. There's only an intro article on my blog as I just started it yesterday.

 I am aware of the flash discussions out there, so I don't need to get into that discussion (website is built in flash). I'm just looking for design-wise and content feedback.

Thanks in advance for whoever has the time to help me out!

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David Anderson

HI Patti,

Thanks a lot for sharing your portfolio. It always helps to see creative ways to showcase our skills.

Overall, the pink (flamingo?)  and corkboard theme work really well. I like the grungy typewriter font combined with the folder and tape labels.

I agree with Colin regarding larger views of your work. There's a lot more text than visuals right now. As someone who used to contract a lot of course designers, I always looked for completed examples; the more you can show the better chance you'll have at landing gigs.

The one thing I'd add is regarding the Wix template. The template looks great so it's not about that. But you're using the free version and that means Wix is pasting their ads around your site. If you really like their service, I'd recommend upgrading to their premium service (50/yr) to remove their branding.

Dale Hargis


Thanks for sharing your portfolio.  I'm working on my own portfolio right now so I hope you don't mind if I'm looking at yours in order to steal a few ideas!  I really like the fun layout of it all.  I also hadn't even thought of putting a course out on Dropbox and linking to it from there.  I'm currently doing screen video captures of me walking through the course, posting it on Vimeo, then embedding that in my Wordpress blog...  Seems a bit cumbersome so I'm eager to learn from others.

Also, I really liked your course.  It looks like you used some of the free Comic Designs that are out there and I've downloaded those recently to use myself!  I just think it's interesting that even though we're spread all over the nation, we tend to find the same good resources!

Thanks for sharing!

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