Open ended question - help needed

Aug 02, 2012

The setup:

I've worked on a project for a long time and it got stalled because of the client.  I've moved on now to several other projects so to come back to this one to finish it up feels a bit deflating.  I kind of just want it finished.

The question:

I've been waiting for months for some scenarios to test the learner with, but they are very open ended.  I was thinking (in the interest of time saving for me as well) presenting the scenario, ask the learner to reflect on it, or type their answer into a field, and then compare "visually" their answer to the suggested/most appropriate answer.

Mostly this just becomes a reflective exercise then.

Any thoughts?

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Kelly Meeker

We have a lot of courses on OpenSesame that use a prompted self-reflection approach to challenging the learner. Some ask the learner to write their impressions and then provide a sample answer to compare it to. Others suggest that the learner connect with one of their colleagues to compare their impressions. A few examples: 

- The Change Game (By Resilience Alliance - in partnership with Koreen Olbrish!)

- Stress Management by Ready to Manage

You can preview those courses on OpenSesame if you're interested in seeing their approach!

Daniel Brigham


As a freelancer, I completely understand about needing to get it down. If the client cared, you would have had robust content months ago. We find time for what we value.

O.k. so it's open-ended, and you've got to work with it. I'd probably suggest the open-endedness of the question is somehow a good thing: hey, it gives you time to reflect on your answers, or hey, many scenarios we face in real life are open-ended.

Or you could just say, yeah, this is open-ended, but...

The end of a lesson is a good place for reflection. Good luck with it. --Daniel

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