Organizing course source, run time, etc. for Studio 9 or 13

Jan 21, 2015

I have spent too much time searching for an article on best practices for organizing files for development vs. deployment. I thought I had seen something at some time. If someone could point me to an existing article/recommendation on file organization it would be appreciated.

We have multiple courses. Each course has multiple lessons. Need to organize a development environment structure that relates to the deployment file structure. I need to maintain files that are:

  • Runtime in production.
  • Runtime files for backup purposes (1 version back run-time only.)
  • Source files that match production for emergency fixes (minor updates/fixes that don't require approvals). And,
  • Source file for any new major content changes (new versions/releases that might require approvals)

Please suggest any articles with recommendations on how to organize articulate studio files. (Quizmaker files in their own source library, in the same folder as presenter? Etc.)

Thanks for suggestions


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