Output never looks sharp?

May 03, 2019

I have a question regarding how my courses look when they are viewed.

If I look at a website on my screen all the images and text look very sharp, crisp, and clean. However, when I view my SL projects they look like they have almost a haze or filter over them, they look slightly blurred. The text is never crisp and clear. Is this a screen resolution issue? My screen has enough resolution for websites to appear sharp. My project size is 1024 x 576.

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Peter Mlot

We have been noticing this with our projects when we view them in Review, particularly when it comes to text or pics that are animated.  They a;ll seem to have a haze around them.

If we have a slide where there is text at the start of the timeline, that texts appears perfect. BUt if we have text fade in or float in, it gets a heavy haze - very noticeable since it contrasts with the text that was there at the start.

I look forward to seeing if there are responses to this.

Andrea Mandal

I've noticed this too and I think it is a course resolution vs. screen resolution thing. If I'm wrong please correct me. I have a project about the same size but I'm looking at it on a 2560x1440 resolution screen. It scales, but rasterized images don't (and even vector images I import rasterize unless they're from the Content Library) When I change my screen resolution it looks worse (but everything does because the screen isn't optimized for the lower resolutions).

Does it look better if you don't have it full screen at your optimal resolution?


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