Parallax effect for elearning?

DesignModo posted some parallax examples today: and found another one  created in PowerPoint: when I searched for parallax eLearning examples.

Are designers using this effect in education and online training? If it's used to show relationships or communicate time or distance, I suspect it works.

Just wondering what you thought and what you've experienced.

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Judith Blackbourn

Hi Lisa,

Parallax is a fun effect, but to use it in Storyline you first have to build it in PowerPoint and then import it into Storyline.

That also means that if you want to change it you'd go back to PowerPoint.

Not too bad if you're just doing it once, but to use the effect often in Storyline would add up to a lot of work!

Kenneth von Rauch

Parallax is a very interesting effect, but if you want to create a web site with it. You need to keep in mind that it back backfire in terms of SEO (if it's a concern for you).  You can see more info here:  

@admin: if it's ok, please make the link a clickable one