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Mar 02, 2013

From what I read about Storyline - password protected content cannot be viewed on mobile players like iPads and iphones.

Does anyone know of any course authoring tools that allow publishing password protected content on computers, iPads and iPhones? We are looking to sell our online prep courses and a requirement is that it be available and accessible for our clients.


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Gord  Goddard

Sure thing - I wasn't very clear.

This is a brand new project - we previously provided professional development training - traditional workshops and seminars to niche markets.  This was done on a small scale. In 2006 we attempted to break into the online training market by launching online preparation courses for standardized tests and for our traditional niche markets.  The website design and consulting company failed to deliver the quality we demanded. And then the lead company went bankrupt and we lost our shirts.

So we folded up shop until recently. In looking at the breakthroughs in course authoring tools and LMS we are considering a relaunch.

My job and task is to find course authoring software and an LMS that would fit our needs.

Simply put we need to sell our courses online and have students be able to pay online and get instant access with passwords setup.  that is probably an LMS feature. We need to limit IP addresses with any given student and the courses have to  be published to both desktop and mobile devices.  Articulate Storyline appears to handle our course content requirements but we are unsure how it will handle our extensive test banks. I'm simply the researcher who will present it to my partners shortly.

password protection we need is that the course material and test banks needs to be protected both in desktop form and mobile form.

i hope that explains it- I am not a an expert by any means in this.  Any info helps...


Gord  Goddard

Alexandros Anoyatis said:

IMHO, any security has to be applied before viewing the actual content, so in essence, you should probably be looking for a fitting LMS rather than a Storyline alternative.

I've also PM'd you more details...

Hope this helps,

Thanks - I realize and understand that the LMS will offer a level of security....

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