Payment method, access / login credentials, and time limit for elearning course?

Jan 09, 2015

I am very interested in learning how other Articulate Storyline users are handling their payment systems, providing login credentials after payment, and limiting the time period permitted to view thier elearning courses.

I had hoped to use PayPal but I'm running into obstacles.  I can accept payment but need to have the other other two options integrated automatically which PayPal has said they don't support.

I hadn't planned on using an LMS.  I already have a free elearning tutorial available as a teaser on my homepage which redirects to a full page for review.  It was my hope to provide access via a Members Login after payment and allowing an allocated time period for access.  

I have some experience with Moodle and have considered it as an LMS but an LMS may be like buying a Ferrari when I only need a Toyota?

Appreciate all feedback!

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Moodle is free and open source. But I have yet to see a free Ferrari. :)

Joking aside, you never really get it exactly right the first time, but choosing the correct LMS is not nearly enough. Choosing the right combination of LMS + Payment Gateway + Course Integration and the way these are bridged and automated IS. Furthermore, you will have to take into account server, support, and administration costs before during and after launch.

This is no small task. Certainly not a matter of going through a handful of vendors separately, in a weeks time. Be prepared to spend many hours evaluating the countless options out there but be proactive and have a definite workflow in mind before you give the green light to any of the proposed solutions.

Just my 2c,

P.S. Best of luck to your project.

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