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Nicole Legault

Hey Montse! Awesome news about this user group! 

Thought this would be a good chance to chime in and let you know about a checklist I've created recently to help community members such as yourself plan and set-up a local user group event.

The checklist includes booking a venue, creating a forum discussion to generate interest, creating a registration page, creating a session outline (with an example) etc. since you're already immersed in the process I'd love to get your feedback on if there's anything missing, anything I should omit, etc. Also, you might glean a few tidbits of info from it yourself that might help you along the way! Let me know if you're interested and I'll use the Contact feature to email you the link. 

You might also be interested in checking out this forum discussion where people can share tips,tricks and their challenges and successes launching their own groups. I'm sure others could learn a lot from your experiences (such as tips about why you chose the room you did, any lessons learned, etc)!

Good luck! Fingers crossed this will be a huge success for you guys!!

Jenise Cook (RidgeViewMedia.com)

What a great idea, Montse!

This Prescott, AZ, Articulate ID/Developer (since 2007) sure would like to come, but a mid-week meeting may not work out for me due to my Feb. schedule. Plus, the drive down the mountains into the Valley.

But, I would love to network specifically with Arizona Articulate users!

If #phxaug goes well, maybe think about an #azaug meeting? I'm sure there are Articulate users in Tucson and Flagstaff as well.

Jenise Cook (RidgeViewMedia.com)

Hey, David:

Will do. We have something tentatively scheduled on that Feb. date, and won't know until a couple of days before if we can cancel that appointment to attend the PHX AUG. Hope we can. Otherwise, I'll watch for Tom's announcement for March, thanks!

However, if you have a spare moment, contact Peter on the Success Team. I sent him an email today, regarding NAZ users/licensees. I'd love to know who's up here in NAZ so we can do a NAZ MeetUp as well.


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