Pick Up Sticks Game

Dec 07, 2018

Hey there! I'm trying to to create a pick up sticks game in SL 360 where the user has to select (mouse click) as many sticks as they can in a certain amount of time. After the timer runs out, the # of sticks selected will appear on a summary screen. The user will then taken to the next slide, where the $$ value of each stick color is displayed. The user will then have to go through the same exercise again (pick up as many sticks as you can within...). Once the timer has completed, the summary screen will show the total $$ value of the sticks that were selected.

See attached image!

Thanks for your help!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Kristin,

Here's what I would do:

  1. Create a numeric variable with a starting value of 0.
  2. Insert the lines and add selected states to them.
  3. Add a trigger for each line that adds 1 to the variable you created in step 1 when the state is equal to visited.
  4. Add a layer that displays the value of the variable
  5. Add a trigger that shows the layer above when the time runs out

For the timer, try downloading this template and see if that works for you.

I hope that helps!

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