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Mar 29, 2017

I'm building my first elearning packages but I seem to be stuck here. I am trying to create an interactive slide where the learners can drag/pick from a list of items and drop in the right column. Any idea how this might be done? I have attached a sample slide in PowerPoint. Thanks for your help.

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Phil Mayor

Getting this all on a slide may be a pain. Perhaps you could reveal each item one at time.

I would build it with 4 drop targets.

The width of each is same size as the drag items. Set each so that the height is 5x the height of the drag items.

Then in the form view set the correct/incorrect drag items and then set them to time so the will stack below.

This will only work if the drag items position in the table is related to the column heading, if they are also related to the rows then you have a problem.

If row and column are important then I would look filling in the missing points in the table and would partially build it out so the drag items can only be dropped in one place.

Typically drag and drop items have a 1:1 relationship

Kayode Arowolo

Thanks for your help Phil. I can't get the drop target to accept more than one item. This is my first time using drag and drop this way. Is this done by using the hotspot? "The drag item positions in the table are related to the column heading, but they are NOT related to the rows. Also, the items can be arranged in any order.  

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