PM Tool for Instructional Designers

Hello All! 

Question: Does anyone have a preferred project management tool they use for tracking LND projects?

Goal: Identify a project management tool to track learning & development projects

Team Size/Structure: 3 Instructional Designers, 1 Training Supervisor, 1 Director of Org Dev

Scope: Phase 1 // LND team utilization , Phase 2 // rollout to all project stakeholders


-JIRA is currently used to accept requests but does not have workflows built out

-Trello is used by other teams in the organization and would not need vendor approvals integrates with our other systems slack, gmail, and google drive


I want to do this right from the start and not piecemeal a solution we have to fix again as we grow. 

Thanks in advance your responses. Have a great day!

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Sarah Hodge

Hello Mike and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🎉 Great question! I'm a big fan of using Trello to stay organized with all my training projects and other tasks too. And it looks like you would already have approval for it so that's a plus! Allison LaMotte, wrote this article that goes into more detail about the benefits of using Trello, which I think also work for smaller teams. You can also use it for your own personal productivity as Madison McCartney shows in this example. I love being organized and it works great for me! But I'm curious to see what project management tools others use. 


I like Trello. I also like Wrike. In my opinion.....

If all you need is a kanban board, Trello is the better option. Wrike’s kanban board is good, but not as good as Trello’s.

If you need anything more than a kanban board, Wrike is [possibly] better. Trello’s power-up system may be useful to some, but overall, Wrike is the way to go.

Both providers are among the best free project management tools, so there’s nothing stopping you from using both, or at least trying them out.

What I haven't tried out yet is which some of my team members swear by.