Portfolio Guidance

Dec 02, 2020

Hello! I've just built a Wordpress.com site for my elearning portfolio. I've been publishing my Storyline courses as Web and putting them on my Google Drive to link to from my Wordpress site. The HTML files don't launch correctly from my site and Google Drive, while PDFs, etc. launch fine. It feels like my next options are to:

  • Publish my courses as videos instead, or
  • Put my courses in Review and just link to the review copy

I'd love any guidance or suggestions anyone has. Thank you!

P.S. I've already tried to download an elearning plugin, but it looks like it only works for Wordpress.org and not for Wordpress.com.

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Sally Wiedenbeck

The course files won't launch from within Google Drive. If you want them to launch interactively, you will need to host the html course files on a web server. I believe a lot of people use amazon web services for that, but any web server hosting where you can add your files to the server directly (rather than through a manager like wordpress, wix, etc) will work.