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Hi Hero's!

I am buidling a course on prevention of patient falls in Articulate. Is it possible to create a drag and drop type of action in Powerpoint?  I have attached a copy of the slide I am working on. The scenario for the knowledge check was developed as an engage media tour which will link to this activity. I want the learner to be able to click on a sticky note and drop in onto the notepad. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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Melanie Sobie

Hi Susan,

I could see your slide set up in quizmaker  with a clipboard as the background and a list of the items (instead of each sticky note). Saying someting in your narration like: You've listed the following factors in your evauation of Mr. Jackson. Please select which factors might place him at risk of falls.

You could have two columns with check boxes  to indicate whether or not the item "is" or "is not" a factor.  Here's a couple of links to review the two-colum quiz template:



Here's a tutorial to remove items from the quiz properties to make it not function like a normal quiz and more just like a interactive activity. 



Bob S

Hi Susan,

Another choice might be a "hot spot" QM interaction.

  1. They are given a choice between 2+ stickes and must  click on the Sticky Note that applies.
  2. The feedback slide then reveals a clipboard with that sticky added to it.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 &2 as  needed to continue to build the clipboard
  4. Congratulate them on identifying the correct factors to keep their patients safe from falls

Here is an example of QM using a hot spot....


Hope this helps,


Susan Steinman

Thank you, Melanie and Bob for your suggestions! I will review the tutorials and have a go at revising it this afternoon. I appreciate the input very much.

Hector, my department does not have Storyline yet, but we are hoping to soon. I am chomping at the bit to start using it!!