Pressure Ulcers Nursing eCourse

Mar 19, 2014

Since I learn so much from the information posted here, I would like to reciprocate by sharing my latest adventure in e-Learning development.

About a year ago, I received an e-mail asking whether we had any nursing games or quizzes related to Pressure Ulcers. After some research, I became intrigued enough to consider creating a full course, rather than just a few games. With some volunteer expertise and a sponsor, I have begun my most ambitious project.

First, some background. Our learning resources are used by nurses, nursing students and nursing programs worldwide. Some 90% of our 25,000 monthly clients come from the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, India and New Zealand.

One big advantage of self-initiated projects like this one is that there is no middle-person. We are developing materials for the end user. This allows me the total freedom to explore and experiment without having to get permission or buy-in from a client. Also, since all of our resources are public, we can share them with you.

So far I have completed Module 1 (Introduction) and Module 2 (About Pressure Ulcers) of this eCourse. These two modules consist of 22 separate learning components. The features in this course include the following.

  • StoryLine-developed videos with a female and male narrator
  • The videos have a Notes tab to display the narration script for viewers to follow
  • The slides incorporate mouse-over glossary pop-ups
  • All videos have at least one interactive activity build in
  • The narrations have been made into Podcasts that can be listened to on the website or downloaded for offline use
  • All the lessons have a printed handout consisting of slides and the narration script
  • There are two HTML5 learning games
  • There are two video flash-card activities designed to facilitate visual recognition
  • An online module quiz and two print quizzes
  • Short video navigation tutorial.

The purpose of these different components is twofold: a) to provide a variety of learning approaches and options for our global audience; and, b) to get some experience and feedback from nurses, students and educators as to the effectiveness and desirability of each.

You can view and try the Pressure Ulcers eCourse here. Hopefully you will get some ideas for your own e-learning projects.



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Russ Sawchuk

Hi Haidee,

Sorry about that. I am always moving things around. This eCourse is now complete and has over 125 different components. All the interactive components were developed using StoryLine 1 and then upgraded to StoryLine 2.

The quiz, game and final exam results are recorded in a MySQL database table.  

Here is the new link to the Pressure Ulcers eCourse.

I always appreciate comments and feedback.