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Jan 24, 2017

I am using Storyline 2 to build courses for my clients.  Two of them do not have an LMS so I publish the lessons for "CD" and they install and run them on designated PCs.  One issue is keeping records of completion for the learners. 

I have setup the "Print Results" feature for one client but it is clunky since you have to go through the browser, allow blocked content, then find the correct network printer. This method is often too complicated for the learners and provides an unwanted access to the test questions and answers.  For this method, the instructor must intervene and print out the test results when the learner gets to the "results" screen.

I have also setup a simple printout of the results page using Javascript window.print();.  This method is simple enough for the learner to accomplish but the printout is not very professional.

I have read nearly all of the discussions on printing certificates and test results and some are extremely complex and frankly don't work.

Is there a way to "save" the output that is generated by the Print Results feature so that the instructor can print this after the learner has completed a lesson.

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Dave Cox

Yes, you can generate and print the results, and you can make it pretty much how you want it to look The trick is to create an HTML page that will be your print results page, and trigger it with a javascript trigger. It is best to have the HTML page open the browser window and display a version of the printed page with a print button. The print button can then send the printed version to the printer. It is best to do it this way to allow the user to have more than one chance to send the page to the printer in case there are problems with the print.

I've done this with good success with courses that don't have an LMS connection, and I've never had any problems with it working for the users.

Victor Madison

Thanks Dave for the reply.  It is the use of a browser that I have issues with.  The normal "Print Results" feature uses an HTML page to print the results.  First, there is a delay while the story file "finds" the browser on the clients network.  Then, the user has to do something that seems wrong - Allow Blocked Content!

So, its back to the drawing board.  I might have to settle for the JavaScript print.window function.  It is simple and does NOT go through the browser.  I might just put more info on the screen...

Dave Cox

Hi Victor,

You must be playing the Launch_Story.exe instead of the story.html file, correct? The "Allow blocked Content" message is because flash is opening the browser. Flash causes that message in IE now, as flash is falling out of favor. In fact, Chrome won't allow it to play at all anymore. If you run the project from the story.html file, you can print with no problem. If you open the project on a local PC, IE will still give you the Allow Blocked Content message. You can stop that message by adding this to the top of the html file, immediately following the <!DOCTYPE html> statement:

<!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->

If you can, I would host the file on a server environment somewhere. Even sharepoint will work, if you have access to that. This way the course will work fine in any browser, including chrome, and IE won't throw the blocked content error.

Javascript is usually interpreted by the browser on your PC, so I suspect the print.window function will still open the browser.

Victor Madison

Dave, after all of research through 20-30 replies to this topic, you sound like you might have a solution to this delima.:) 

Yes I have my clients play the lessons using the Launch_Story.exe file (renamed to the topic).  I will try your method of starting wiht the story.html file, although that will force the lesson to play in their default browser.  I will add your sugested statement to prevent the blocked content message.

I have my own web site that I could post the lessons to, but it would evenetually get very loaded.

I'll report back on my progress.  Thanks for refreshing my interest in this option.


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